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Question by  Catmandu (23)

What are normal testosterone levels in women?


Answer by  informant31 (510)

The average testosterone produce from a womans body is 3/10(three tenths) of a milligram. In women,testosterone is primarily produced by the ovaries. Men generate 20 times more testosterone than women. Men produce about 7 milligrams per day.


Answer by  ssullivan1003 (63)

0. 07 nmol/L is considered normal for most women, however age and fertility factors do come into play. Your testosterone levels will rise after menopause. Most health professionals consider 0. 07 nmol/L in premenopausal women with intact ovaries to be normal levels, while levels of 0. 69 nmol/L in post menopausal women is acceptable.


Answer by  cody (1331)

this is the normal testosterone for women 15 to 70 ng. /dl compared to guys that is very low guys have 200s to over 1200 ng. /dl


Answer by  sunnyinTN (40)

"Normal" testoterone levels will vary from person to person. It can also depend on what lab performs and reads the test, and the woman's age.

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