Question by  worker47 (27)

Should I be concerned about having blood in my breast milk?

I noticed last night when I was breast feeding my baby that I had blood mixed in with my breast milk.


Answer by  Beth77 (49)

Yes, although it is quite common for a small amount of bood, caused by biting, you should not feed your child contaminated breast milk. Please speak with your doctor ASAP.


Answer by  tinabina21 (18)

I was told by my nurse, when I gave birth, that breast milk can come out different colors. If there is a mixture of blood in it then it should be alright as long as it is only tinted pink. If there is a lot of blood mixed in with it then you need to go to the doctor.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

Blood in your breast milk could be the result of many things and should be something that you discuss with your doctor or a lactation specialist as soon as you can. Make sure that you do not have a clogged duct or have not developed masticates. If it continues make sure you consult with a doctor at once.


Answer by  Jojoblue (468)

Are you concern how the blood got there or are you concern about your baby ingesting the blood? When I was breastfeeding my baby, my nipples bleed because it was too dry so there was some blood with the breastmilk. I don't know how much blood she got from me but she was okay.


Answer by  maggietodd (7)


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