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Question by  earlgrey (45)

What could be the cause of pain in the buttocks during pregnancy?

I am having pain around the top of my behind and am pregnant what could cause this.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

Pain in the tail bone area is very normal during early and late pregnancy, it is caused by pressure on the saitica nerve.


Answer by  Jordan10 (143)

The pressure from the baby and placenta can be causing strain on your lower back. This is common. If you are close to delivery these could be back labor pains.


Answer by  BirdOnAWire (171)

Starting around middle pregnancy, pressure on the sciatic nerve causes this type of pain. Especially if it's a pinching type pain mostly on the right side.


Answer by  ksmith (24)

I'm not exactly sure but when my wife was pregnant the baby shifted his position and was putting pressure on her sciatic nerve. She went to the doctor to make sure, which is what everyone should do when they feel pain during pregnancy and they confirmed the pain.

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