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What should I do about testicular lumps?

posted by  prabhu(17)

Why do guys pretend not to like someone?

posted by  apoetgoddess(18)

What could be the cause of a know on the vas deferens?

posted by  antonysantos(6)

How do I donate sperm?

posted by  Smitty(17)

What causes a prostate to swell?

posted by  dreamsweeper(85)

Is there an organized group of Denver Broncos alumni?

posted by  sakthi68(37)

How much money do you get paid for donating sperm?

posted by  arunakumari(13)

What do I do about an undescended testicle?

posted by  mezzopris(35)

Why would a man not want to be in a relationship?

posted by  mewing(19)

What is the latest in men's styles?

posted by  bpmock(140)

What could be the cause of a tender testes?

posted by  marks(20)

What stores sell the Norelco Speed XL shaver?

posted by  zori(63)

What do guys feel when they kiss?

posted by  Ellen(25)

What is a common cause of male itching?

posted by  wiki(76)

What are some tips for men's hair?

posted by  Lanwanman(90)

What could be the cause of a lump above my testicle?

posted by  Brandon10(25)

How do you measure a man's jacket for fit?

posted by  Mlh1981(25)

What are normal testosterone levels?

posted by  bigslowy(16)

Can anyone tell me how to line up mustache?

posted by  erossiiv(17)

I'd like to hear from real people that used Enzyte. Anyone?

posted by  Bones(105)

What can you tell me about a malleable penile implant?

posted by  MaineCoonMom(38)

Do guys like short women?

posted by  countrygal(164)

What causes a swollen, firm testicle?

posted by  NaeNae(13)

Can men look good in a thong?

posted by  oliver766(20)

How do you cure a yeast infection in males?

posted by  akr2(19)

Can you still have babies with one testicle?

posted by  totherescue(51)

What could cause night sweats in men?

posted by  helper3692(100)

Who makes quality men's leather shoes?

posted by  Grace24(18)

What are some good birthday presents for a guy?

posted by  JustAGirl(25)

What do you think of male body piercing?

posted by  yennerz(9)

Can you use regular hair color on a beard?

posted by  smita(60)

How do you wear guyliner?

posted by  suejanesmith(76)

What can you tell me about vasectomy failure?

posted by  sammy(11)

Are men's capri pants in style?

posted by  pjsfb(221)

Should I be worried if I have small testicles?

posted by  Orelia(12)

What kind of swim suits for men are in style now?

posted by  Taj(29)

Does Just For Men beard coloring work well?

posted by  and13gtc(6)

What are some of the products made by Nivea for Men?

posted by  kevinchampion(12)

What are some good pick up lines for males?

posted by  meriba(103)

What's the best perfume for a guy?

posted by  johnlucio(41)

Can you increase testicle size?

posted by  slatedog(20)

What should I expect from a testicular biopsy?

posted by  Scott11(16)

Is there any way to make a beard grow faster and thicker?

posted by  gin3733(19)

What are some conceiving tips for men?

posted by  cmolmen(35)

I have a rust spot on my chest (I'm male). What is it?

posted by  eb32(26)

What effect does fever have on sperm?

posted by  MaryM(25)

What causes hot flashes in men?

posted by  faye(19)

What are some gift ideas for your dad who has everything?

posted by  Zell(11)

What are some good graduation gifts for a guy?

posted by  Suz(20)

What do men find most attractive in women?

posted by  sney17(66)

What is the best way to increase sperm count?

posted by  ladymacbeth(51)

Why do men leave their wives?

posted by  strchild65(74)

How do you grow a goatee and mustache?

posted by  andrew54(66)

How should I take my shirt off in front of women?

posted by  Cristina99(12)

How do you cut mens hair?

posted by  Samad(9)

Do any guys wear skimpy underwear?

posted by  Rahul(15)

What is the purpose of the prostate?

posted by  Chevelle(15)

Do wet electric shavers work better than the dry ones?

posted by  RJ1986(68)

What are some natural aids for erectile dysfunction?

posted by  blyte(67)

Should I take steps to get rid of my back hair?

posted by  worker9173(22)

What are some new cool clothing styles for men?

posted by  microgal(23)

What is considered to be mens semi formal attire?

posted by  Lala(31)

What are some hairstyles for someone who is balding?

posted by  Jessica38(28)

What do you include in gift baskets for men?

posted by  sj24(76)

What are some good pick-up lines for men?

What can a male do to make his blond hair look good?

posted by  wcandneat(34)

On which finger do men wear rings?

posted by  nicole31(67)

Who do you think is the most athletic man alive?

posted by  rollsrose(29)

Does someone make panties for men?

posted by  sarah221(12)

Why are pre teen boys so stupid?

posted by  jana17(34)

What is the average size feet for a 5'4" male?

posted by  Noelle(17)

Do men have progesterone?

posted by  manny(185)

What are some fitness tips to get rid of "moobs?"

posted by  worker9775(22)

How can a man conceal acne scars without makeup?

posted by  mcsteve(12)

Do mens' messenger bags look like purses?

posted by  jun(13)

How do you stop hair loss in young men?

posted by  Chevelle(15)

How can I tell if my ex-girlfriend still likes me?

posted by  Becky(20)

What do I need to know about sperm donating?

posted by  JohnnyUniteUs(174)

When were mustaches popular in mens fashion?

posted by  bovineovine(112)

What kind of things does a girl do if she likes you?

posted by  spyman0071(86)

What is the average sperm count for a man?

posted by  compute(22)

What are the most important aspects of male grooming?

posted by  shall8188(266)

What are some grooming tips for men?

posted by  DGrinn(25)

Are there Kegel exercises for men?

posted by  jbuhr06(126)

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