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Question by  meetme (1)

I am 27 and my mustache and beard are not growing. I tried shaving also but with no results. Please suggest a solution?

Only some hair is above corners of upper lip but no beard at all. Please suggest something.


Answer by  mateypeeps (71)

Lack of hair might be due to absence of hair follicles, or enough Testosterone to trigger the male pattern hair growth that normally happens at puberty, or both. Whatever the reason, this condition MUST be investigated by a specialist doctor, home remedies will never work.


Answer by  km8738 (1917)

Sadly, there is no real solution to being unable to grow a mustache or beard. It works the other way, if you want to grow nothing, but if you were not born to grow facial hair then you won't be able to fix that.


Answer by  BrokenRose (131)

It could just be your genetics/ how you're built. But if you are really concerned I would suggest seeing your doctor first to discuss options.


Answer by  Anonymous

It may sound silly, but Rogaine works anywhere you apply it on the body as long as that part of your body grows hair ;)

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