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Question by  marks (20)

What could be the cause of a tender testes?

My testes are tender.


Answer by  Melissa101010 (4405)

It could be from your penis staying hard too long that is causing your testes to be sore. Most men call this blue balls.


Answer by  ScienceNerd (84)

A number of things. Testicular cancer or tumors can have symptoms such as tenderness. This is something you want to see a doctor about.


Answer by  Sabharish (1610)

The reason for testes tenderness may be your young age or recent puberty. Even masturbation for a long time causes testes to be tender and make them weak. Stopping masturbation for a little time will make them normal.


Answer by  Lilly (42)

Sore testicles can mean a few different things, from acquiring a possible sexually transmitted disease to something as severe as testicular cancer.


Answer by  HappyMe (34)

It could be a cyst, epididymitis,std or torsion. If you are having this issue you should immediately seek medical attention or seek advice of a doctor. Some of the above mentioned can cause permenant and severe damage so it should not be ignored, there is only a limited amount of time before this could becomes very tragic.

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