Question by  suejanesmith (76)

How do you wear guyliner?

I have noticed a new trend of more and more men wearing eyeliner.


Answer by  caliprincess04 (155)

Use a soft, black pencil liner like the Urban Decay 24/7 in Zero. Line the inner rims (top & bottom) of your eye lids and use your finger to smudge the line out to your lash line. This will give you the Johnny Depp effect.


Answer by  Jenna (587)

This is something you will definitely have to practice at! I would recommend getting a black eyeliner and practicing using it on your lower eyelid. Go across underneath your bottom lashes and then along the top lashes gently. You can try to smudge it if you like that look.


Answer by  Maggie17 (56)

If you are interested in this look I would apply a small amount of eyeliner to the eyelid, right along the lashes. I would go with a dry liner to start with, as liquid liner is much darker and harder to apply. You can get creative and line the bottoms of your eyes too.


Answer by  jamie1 (291)

Men use eyeliner to darken up there eyes. Most men use a dark black color, an eyeliner usually not of very good quality just something cheap you can find anywhere. They line the bottom usually very thick and smudged. Sometimes the top line!

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