Question by  RJ1986 (68)

Do wet electric shavers work better than the dry ones?

I want to get a gift for my dad.


Answer by  McCheese (1248)

Wet electric shavers get much closer to the skin. They are also less painful to use. When the skin is wet, the shaver is able to cut closer to the skin, making the face smoother. Some dry shavers leave a "5 o'clock shadow" look, which is not acceptable for the office. Spend the extra money for a wet shaver!


Answer by  iggypop (111)

Wet electric shavers do not provide a closer shave than dry electric shavers. Both work on the principle of slicing hair using the rotary motion of a blade. However wet shavers use lubricant to ease irritation and to stand the hair up on end and provide a more comfortable shave.


Answer by  JimmyMace (74)

Both types work equally well. What is good about wet shavers is that you can use them in the shower, so you should see if this applies to your dad.


Answer by  Chiyamaka (846)

It depends on personal preference. Both shavers work equally. Electric are less likely to cut than dry shavers. But dry shavers will eliminate the chance of cutting if shaving cream is used.

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