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Question by  helper3692 (100)

What could cause night sweats in men?

My husband has been waking up in the night having sweats.


Answer by  Barbie74 (41)

Night sweats can be caused by an infection, showing signs of fever and cough. However, if the sweats are not caused by some bacterial or viral infection, it may be caused by tuberculosis, nocturnal hypoglycemia (which can lead to Diabetes), thyroid conditions, possible pre-cancerous or malignant complications. Bloodwork should be able to diagnose the condition that is causing this.


Answer by  Daman (42)

This is usually a sign of anxiety or stress and like any other stress related issues, it is linked to hormonal imbalaces which may themselves occur without anxiety or stress. Men that take alcohol, especially beer at night are also known to show these symptoms.


Answer by  kkl85 (46)

Night sweats in men can be caused by many things diabetes, anxiety, medications, drugs and alcohol or reflux disease. It is always best to be seen by a doctor.


Answer by  Vlad (51)

Well, you should consider that he is having kinky dreams. Also he could have cancer, because cancers cause sudden rising and falling body temperatures. Other causes might be thyroiditis, diabetes or infections.

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