Question by  erossiiv (17)

Can anyone tell me how to line up mustache?

Mine is always lopsided.


Answer by  Melissa101010 (4405)

If you want to line up your mustache then get you some clippers with a straight cut on them and start clipping from the bottom instead of the top of your lip.


Answer by  Leverenz (41)

A perfect way to line up a mustache is to place one end just right above your lip line and make sure it will not follow off. Once you have done that, take the other side of the mustache and also put it right abpve the other side of your lip. Make sure the sides are even.


Answer by  crh0807 (9)

The best way to make a mustache look even is to use your other facial features as guides. Also, use a comb as a guide.


Answer by  dbrent24 (32)

Use word to create the shape you want, then copy, paste, and reflect it, thus creating a mirror image. Join the two pieces, print, and use as a template.


Answer by  Aaron12 (70)

Well first you should use a comb to even out the mustache. Then if it is still lopsided you can use a pair of trimmers and shape it up.

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