Question by  LisMaEra (14)

What do you call the garments that are essentially camisoles for men?

They are undergarments, sleeveless, and have a lower neckline.


Answer by  SADAF (119)

in our families these are called as "undershirts" and in Brittan it is called "vests" and a politically incorrect pop word used for this is "wife beater" which was used in older films.These can also be called as "pretty shirts" or the term "muscle shirts" can also be used for this.


Answer by  Maria23 (144)

Most people, especially men call them undershirts. They are classified as underwear. Some people call them wife beaters. This is a slang term for them.


Answer by  trudie1962 (1022)

In my family, we call those "undershirts". I've heard them called "vests" by people from Britain. And the politically-incorrect pop culture term is "wife-beater". That comes from old time movies where a low-class, brutish character would sometimes be seen in an undershirt. Many women's groups protested when that expression began popping up in fashion magazines a few years ago.


Answer by  Jo3355 (575)

These can be called pretty much any kind of tee shirts, but I think you might be referring to muscle shirts.

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