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Question by  SedonaGirl04 (14)

Can you change beard color like you can change hair color?

My husband's beard not the same color as his hair and he wants to color the beard.


Answer by  maynebenefits (68)

Yes one can change beard colour just in the some way hair can be changed, so long as one goes for the right henna. Read and follow all the instructions given carefully as to avoid any reaction that may cause harm to your body. Be consistent with the type of henna you choose to use to avoid any unnecessary mixing.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

Yes, you can but the hair color should be a darker shade, because of the shampoo. The beard would only be washed with a milder soap. Wash Away The Grey.


Answer by  HairDiva (61)

Yes you can change facial hair color to match. Be sure to read the product carefully and protect the skin surrounding the area. It is always best to test a small hidden area 24 hours beforehand to monitor for allergic reactions.


Answer by  hmmm (290)

You can get special color just for facial hair, i wouldn't use regular hair color in case you wanna dye your eyebrows to match.

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