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Question by  kevinchampion (12)

What are some of the products made by Nivea for Men?


Answer by  albertsmith (17)

Nivea for Men makes face wash, shave balm, face care lotion, shaving gel, energizing face scrub, body wash, and shaving conditioners.


Answer by  river (1226)

Anti-age moisuriser, Arctic Free wash and shave gel, after shave moisture gel. Menergy shower gel, deodorant. Silver Protect anti-bacterial spray, after shave.


Answer by  Lucy101 (225)

Nivea for Men has a whole range of products from hair care to hand and body care. The newest product they have is an anti-aging moisturizer for men which I believe is a must-have.


Answer by  Novemberfire (322)

Nivea carries a complete line of bathroom products for men including moisturizer, facial cleanser, shaving cream, body wash, shampoo and conditioner, deodorant and even anti-aging products. Each type of product then comes in different varieties such as "revitalizing" or "sensitive skin". Nivea has one of the most extensive lines of mens personal products.

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