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Question by  smita (60)

Can you use regular hair color on a beard?

I want to color over the gray in my beard.


Answer by  buckshotbill (46)

Yeah sure man ! All you have to worry about is choosing the right color ! And its not just you'r beard its anywhere on your body. Hair are the same everywhere so yeah you can use a regular hair color on a beard. I hope this helped you man.


Answer by  Mandy59 (242)

You can dye your beard, although you should make sure that the dye is made for covering up gray hairs. You must be careful not to get any in your mouth, and you do not need to leave the dye on for as long as you would if you were dying the hair on your scalp.


Answer by  tanayafarr (290)

No you cannot use regular hair color on facial hair. You cannot tell what the results will be. There are special hair colors for mustaches and beards.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

No it will turn it bright red you need to get a product that is made specifically for men coloring whiskers is totally different than coloring regular hair on you head.

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