Question by  oliver766 (20)

Can men look good in a thong?

What do you men think? What do you women think? Guys, would you wear one?


Answer by  firefighter38310 (430)

i wouldnt look good or feel good in a thong. I ahve worn my wifes panties several times before bed for her and thats hot but only in the privacy of our bedroom. i doubt i looked hot but she enjoyed it. Sometimes thats all that matters


Answer by  lmoore117 (16)

thongs and G strings were invented for men before they were invented for women, since way back in roman times. How a man looks in them is a different story, I am lean cut, with a toned build. I find them comfortable


Answer by  baldy (24)

I do not think men would look good in a thong because it looks very lady like for a man to have something in his butt. This would definitely scare me to see my husband come home in a thong. I would think he was trying to tell me he was a cross dresser.


Answer by  Greg54 (22)

It's quite possible for a man to look good in a thong however it really depends on the body type. As the focus when someone is wearing a thong is based on their body's appearance unhindered by clothes... the man would have to be fit and appealing naked for it to work, otherwise it would probably look distasteful.


Answer by  lyren23 (22)

my man wheres a banana one he looks good in it....he fills it out! let me just tell you when he shakes it, it turns me on! i say where a thong!!!!!


Answer by  Ben30 (17)

No! Thongs were not invented for men. They were invented for women to wear tight, form-fitting clothing and avoid the dreaded "VPL" - Visible Panty Line. Guys, don't do it.


Answer by  Anonymous

Thongs were invented for men before they were for women, research it and rest assured that you have gained knowledge.


Answer by  starke (57)

No I do not think men can look good in a thong and I suggest that you do not go for that look.

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