Question by  mewing (19)

Why would a man not want to be in a relationship?


Answer by  Gianni86 (15)

A man may not want to be in a relationship because he may be very busy with his career and not able to devote time to a relationship.


Answer by  Stephanopolous (54)

He could already be in a relationship or he could just not want to be committed to anyone, especially if he is a younger man.


Answer by  wisdomt (24)

Men sometimes do not want to have someone in their space. If they have a girlfriend it means they are to be faithful and many men can not do that.


Answer by  John (9008)

Men avoid relationships for different reasons. Some are not ready for commitment. Others have a problem with the other person in the relationship. Often, there is a bit of both.


Answer by  jpkbatl (85)

Because he is just not that in to you. He may also be concerned that no rules have been discussed.

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