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Question by  yennerz (9)

What do you think of male body piercing?

I do not like it but want other people's opinions.


Answer by  jendg09 (85)

As a female, I do not like male body piercing and I do not find them to be attractive. Normal ear lobe piercings are the only ones that I do not find bothersome. Anything on the face, such as eyebrow or lip, or body is a turn off for me.


Answer by  pieface (273)

Genital piercings are supposed to enhance sexual sensations. The size of the gauge usually determines the comfort level of the partners. Because there is higher risk of infection for both participants extra precautions must be taken. Men should abstain for at least a week after the piercing is made and condoms are necessary until the healing process is complete.


Answer by  jlwilson6 (1098)

I like them if there are just a couple. I don't like the look of a ton a piercing crowded up their bodies. I wouldn't mind one eyebrow piercing or something, but I wouldn't like piercings all over the body at all.


Answer by  kk43 (150)

I think it is ok. Sometimes it looks good but other times it is weird or looks unattractive. I don't like when men have things pierced on their faces. It looks gay.

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