Question by  Lala (31)

What is considered to be mens semi formal attire?

I need semi formal attire for men.


Answer by  lovehuskies (43)

Semi formal could best be described as a well-kept look. Men can dress in nice slacks and a button-down shirt, but not necessarily a sport jacket or full suit. A tie or bowtie should also be worn in consideration of the "formal" attire.


Answer by  kipcat (1964)

A nice suit that fits well paired with a tie of coordinated color, or dress pants with a blazer or suit jacket and tie would be considered semi formal.


Answer by  emp (263)

Either khaki or black pants with a button down shirt and sports coat. Also acceptable is a suit with dress shirt and tie. Never acceptable is a polo-style shirt with a sport coat.


Answer by  baluga (147)

For men, formal attire usually refers to a tuxedo. Semi-formal attire is usually a suit, but in some cases may only be nice slacks with a shirt and tie.

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