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Question by  mpurdue (22)

What can you tell me about lymph node removal surgery in a groin?


Answer by  1cinbrew (31)

My husband had a lymph node removed from his groin a couple of years ago. It was done as an out patient surgery in the hospital and took a couple of hours with him being completely under ansesthesia. His recovery time was minimal, only a few days.


Answer by  jaketa (117)

It is a really quick, minor surgery that only takes about an hour. They make a small incision and take out your lymph node. Afterward, they will put drainage tubes in you for a day or two, and you might need to see a physical therapist to help with recovery.

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what a load of rubbish I had mine removed Followed by 10 days in st james hosp in leeds five weeks with drain tubes and bottles day to day record of fluid followed by a long time with swolen legs and groin allvery painfull would not wish it on anyone  add a comment

Answer by  davidetracogna (5)

A surgeon is recommend removing the lymph nodes closest to the tumour. This will help to find out if the cancer has spread and plan appropriate treatment. In some cases, it is to remove cancer that's already in the lymph nodes.


Answer by  callmezimmy (21)

I can tell you that this surgery is very painful and requires a long recuperation period. The best advice that I can give you is to find the best possible doctor to preform the procedure.


Answer by  thisismy (15)

I can not tell you much about lymph node removal surgery, but I can tell you that it is extremely important. If it is not tended to as soon an possible it can lead to lymphaedema.

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