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Can you tell me how you make Ham, and bacon, sausage?

posted by  Dsacramento(16)

What is a healthy way to cook chicken breast?

posted by  Sudar(134)

Why are truffles so expensive?

posted by  aggiebones(37)

How do you make cookies?

posted by  jaimesgirl(1055)

How do you make scampi sauce?

posted by  OrcaV(22)

What is the recipe for lemon pepper chicken?

posted by  KLC(198)

Why should you use an electric water kettle?

posted by  abisind(22)

What are some tips for grilling meats?

posted by  SmaCk(20)

How do you prepare corn-on-the-cob in the microwave?

posted by  Cancan(44)

What is the best salad oil for making dressing?

posted by  lakshmi(196)

What are good recipes with strawberries and chocolate.

posted by  sali(5)

What are the pros and cons of a soup cooker?

posted by  tgadzooky(45)

How should I go about cooking tortilla chips?

posted by  stephanie(20)

What is a tournedo?

posted by  Zee(20)

If I add salt to water, does it make it boil faster?

posted by  teeyah(22)

What is a roaster?

posted by  Nadeem1970(12)

How do you prepare cod fillets?

posted by  ryan7333(13)

What schools offer cake decoration courses?

posted by  rc(21)

What is the difference between bake and broil?

posted by  Zeenia(53)

What are the best oils for deep frying?

posted by  TriniFigueroa(128)

What are some good slow cooker recipes?

posted by  gd2525(28)

How do you make homemade mayonnaise?

posted by  hairgirl24(78)

How do you make chicken alfredo?

posted by  TriniFigueroa(128)

Can you give some recipes for diabetic cookies?

posted by  Greg50(59)

Is instant brown rice as nutritious as the long-cooking kind?

posted by  Perry(17)

Can you suggest some beef recipes for the crockpot?

posted by  vinu(68)

How do you make cream puff pastry?

posted by  pamela(63)

How do you use Microcrisp?

posted by  kittykitty(39)

How do I make a Ferris wheel cake?

posted by  worker9384(17)

Where can I find recipes for homemade granola bars?

posted by  Lisatruck(11)

How can I make a butterfly birthday cake?

posted by  nishanth(46)

What are the basic elements of the shortcrust pastry method?

posted by  Bee92(82)

What do you do with dried celery?

posted by  Hannible(67)

How do you make cream cheese cookies?

posted by  michael73(7)

What are some popular baby shower cake sayings?

posted by  Mike5072(9)

Can you give me some ideas for variations for pasta sauce?

posted by  ubbull39(33)

What is the best way to defrost meat?

posted by  ask(37)

Where can you buy a BBQ gas regulator?

Can you use whipping cream to make chicken pot pie?

posted by  Jenn09(176)

What oils come under the category of "soft oils?"

posted by  cthlcmom(36)

What do you use the spice turmeric for in cooking?

posted by  teja55(6)

What are the best uses for a 12-inch skillet?

posted by  ActorandParent(20)

What is the big deal about olive oil?

posted by  Joe67(46)

What sort of meals should I take to a grieving family?

posted by  racool(57)

What are high-ratio shortening ingredients?

posted by  dave90(63)

What are some desserts using pizza dough?

posted by  allornothing27(84)

How do you make a King Ranch casserole?

posted by  naresh54(16)

Who would I speak to about different wedding cakes?

posted by  Dianamite(109)

Who makes a good cordless electric kettle?

posted by  moteviolence(30)

How long do you microwave vegetables?

posted by  MikeyRickets95(6)

How do you slice bread?

posted by  samik(6)

How do you make black icing?

posted by  jennybop(254)

Can you give me a review of the Russell Hobbs tea kettle?

posted by  talisa(137)

How do you make cobbler in a Dutch oven?

posted by  t56(143)

Should I buy a pannini press?

posted by  Daigle83(66)

Where can I get a manual for a Weber grill?

posted by  nhmarksman(65)

Are Rival roasters the best?

posted by  Alisa(903)

Should I get a cooktop with a grill?

posted by  BWhitman(19)

What is real red yeast rice?

posted by  MrMoth(37)

What happens if you use too much baking powder?

posted by  BurnedHeart(13)

What are the traditional corned beef seasonings?

posted by  Me2(36)

How do I steam broccoli?

posted by  ricklin2010(20)

About how many lemons for a pitcher of lemonade?

posted by  apple(447)

How should I prepare German pork hocks?

posted by  mom(244)

What is the difference between cooking and baking?

posted by  nick37(31)

How do you season a cast iron skillet?

posted by  virgolasvegas(28)

What is a recipe for a Bolognese sauce?

posted by  draggnfly(22)

What is the best way to cook bear meat?

posted by  andeesuem(24)

How much of leek do you use?

posted by  apple(447)

How long will unrefrigerated eggs be safe to cook and eat?

posted by  Kat(32)

How do you make a chai tea latte?

posted by  vipul(7)

What are pickled green tomatoes?

posted by  Nrs(22)

How should I cook minute steaks?

posted by  kat43netzerocom(52)

How do you make bisque soup?

posted by  coolmoose(22)

What is in Mexican mole?

posted by  BL(15)

How do you make Alfredo sauce?

posted by  xazurianx(330)

Are White Leghorn eggs good for cooking and eating?

posted by  jms0159(34)

What are some tips when grilling for a large crowd of people?

posted by  anst(21)

What is the recommended cook time for a pork tenderloin?

posted by  PinkyPosh(21)

What is a good recipe for brownies for a dessert reception?

posted by  Britt(453)

How can I make homemade pickles?

posted by  ed714(50)

How do you cook catfish?

posted by  MC23(85)

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