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Question by  nishanth (46)

How can I make a butterfly birthday cake?

My daughter has her heart set on a butterfly cake.


Answer by  HawaiianGirl (6906)

You can make a round or rectangular shaped cake and just draw a nice butterfly on it with frosting or you can look for a cake pan that is shaped like a butterfly.


Answer by  SMS4415 (343)

The easiest way is to buy a butterfly shaped pan and bake the cake in it. Otherwise, bake 2 large sheetcakes and cut each to be a wing.


Answer by  sbiddiebiddieaolcom (27)

Buy a butterfly-shaped pan and pour batter into it and bake, or cut a cake into the shape of a butterfly. Betty Crocker makes really neat aerosol cans of frosting that are easy to use when decorating cakes. They come in different colors and sizes, and come with different nozzles to make different textures.


Answer by  misstasha (10)

If you are willing to go to a craft store (like Hobby Lobby), you will be able to buy a cake mold in the shape of a butterfly. Use a cake mix that you like and bake the cake in the cake mold, following all directions. Ice the cake with butterfly markings and colored icing once it has cooled.

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