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Why did Vincent Van Gogh cut off his ear?

posted by  waskasoo(471)

How do I draw bat wings?

posted by  Milly(14)

What is involved in restoring a painting?

posted by  NapyTme(35)

Where can I get wood carvings from the Maasai?

posted by  PinkyPosh(21)

What type of art sells?

posted by  bubbins(14)

What are some creative art projects with tissue paper?

posted by  Nicole56(23)

What is a good source of artwork at a good price?

posted by  thecheeseman(22)

What are some unique pottery animal figurines?

posted by  pickyouoff24(28)

What are the skills needed to be an art director?

posted by  Chris66(27)

How do you decide how to crop a picture?

posted by  Vince68(21)

How do I make an artist smock?

posted by  kepke(46)

What are the best drawing books at Hobby Lobby?

posted by  worker5797(12)

What are some great designs for a belly button tattoo?

posted by  PS(31)

What size of painting sells the best?

posted by  srikarini(16)

How can I make the most money when I sell an old painting?

posted by  fransois(37)

How do you learn to draw people?

What museums are in Paris?

posted by  prince(18)

What is the world's most valuable painting?

posted by  Tony76(15)

Where can I find examples of Picasso's ceramics?

posted by  David75(17)

How can i get my illustrations published?

posted by  vippa(1)

What is the best way to dip ceramics?

posted by  Katie47(22)

What are some art projects for 3 and 4 year olds?

posted by  nuhuskies(22)

What are M. Utrillo's paintings sold for?

posted by  Theo(48)

What are some tips for me to draw SpongeBob?

posted by  Snow4Life(49)

What is a good art project for an 18 month old?

posted by  DJ24(14)

Can you use an Xterra to tow a camper?

posted by  ollibrd(7)

What kind of paint do I need to repaint a fashion doll?

posted by  jflick(19)

What is your favorite Kinkade print?

posted by  3putt(7)

What are some characteristics of Expressionism art?

posted by  tmongr1(3)

How should I go about cleaning oil paintings?

posted by  Zio(32)

How should I draw a portrait with pastels?

posted by  etcetera(26)

What does mold do to cement statues?

posted by  joespiff(27)

How do I draw comic book villains?

posted by  friday(31)

How can you use Adobe in design brochures?

posted by  rjprecording(56)

Where can I get ideas for hand print art?

posted by  Jodi(29)

Would you recommend the Tombow Mono Homograph?

posted by  suzyq16(47)

What are some famous landmarks in France?

posted by  bazjack(51)

What can you tell me about Marc Chagall's paintings?

posted by  Greg50(59)

Where can I find "Tales From The Crypt" comics?

posted by  canmattbc(29)

How do you make gel nails lift less?

posted by  DecalDude(36)

What are some crafts for 4 year olds?

posted by  nissha(10)

How is patina applied to stained glass?

posted by  Ralph(30)

What is involved in starting an art business?

posted by  Shar(54)

How do I buy drawing pencils?

posted by  emily(32)

How do you paint with sand?

posted by  Danie(993)

What are some examples of early Christian art?

posted by  Szergiu(19)

What are some easy projects that use sculpy polymer clays?

posted by  Chris11(26)

How can I learn to make drawings of facial expressions?

posted by  wrigley(21)

What do you use to mark on clothing and other fabrics?

posted by  rjprecording(56)

How do I learn how to sketch a face?

posted by  damonsr3(12)

What tips can you have for drawing a body?

posted by  janakaraj(10)

How do I create a superhero on paper?

posted by  Beth77(49)

Is it still possible to buy Magic Eye posters?

posted by  tienchen(10)

Are the Dick Blick stores worth a visit?

posted by  georgepaul(89)

What is the value of a hand signed Dali Devine Comedy?

posted by  tcolen(48)

Is Mary Magdalene in The Last Supper by Da Vinci?

posted by  CherylSchneider(36)

How do you draw in Illustrator?

posted by  lpark0(38)

What do you know about William Buffet the artist?

posted by  fannyloo(90)

What should I know about glazing and painting stripes?

posted by  deedee214(30)

Where is the largest Salvador Dali collection?

posted by  yokaisamurai522(51)

How do you draw Sonic?

posted by  Zoe(2369)

How do you draw cartoons for comic strips?

posted by  deadlyhex(21)

What can I expect to pay for a hectograph pen?

posted by  andana(8)

How do you figure out the ancestry of your surname?

posted by  pcguy(307)

How valuable are E.L. Henry prints?

posted by  Blue121(27)

How do you convert CMYK to PANTONE in illustrator cs4?

posted by  maaxman(2)

How do I draw comic book characters?

posted by  raj(11)

What is a petit point canvas?

posted by  ZiggyHolmes(127)

How can creating loose sketches improve drawing skills?

posted by  tomovskit(14)

Who painted L'enigme de Guillaume Tell?

posted by  armchairscientist(18)

What are some of the famous paintings of women?

posted by  meinolflist(12)

What are the different kinds of beans?

posted by  Cashya(14)

Where can I find examples of artwork by Piet Mondrian?

posted by  Zeenia(53)

What is a "love knot" design?

posted by  Saddal(10)

How do you paint pinstripes?

posted by  Kathy(13)

What are the best water based oil pants for children?

posted by  sasser1102(198)

What are some advantages of using vector artwork?

posted by  katebug09(2)

How can I publish and sell my yard art patterns?

posted by  joyce(19)

What kind of store sells decoupage paper?

posted by  andegwa(26)

What is the salary for art managers?

posted by  123barbo(60)

What is dye diffusion thermal transfer printing?

posted by  mpelle(343)

Where is a good place to put a butterfly tattoo?

posted by  lalaland(238)

What animals are included in the Canadian shield?

posted by  CBinc(43)

Whats a great idea for a yearbook page?

posted by  katiel(1)

How do I draw Garfield step-by-step?

posted by  J65(65)

What are some good art projects for 6 year olds?

posted by  machouno79(17)

What are the well-known pop art artists?

posted by  HAPPY19(2)

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