Question by  saturnina (17)

How can I find out what is included in the design of my family coat of arms?

My friend has one and it's really cool.


Answer by  JohnK (24)

Family coats of arms include heraldic design elements that represent your ethnic heritage and homeland, occupation, famous ancestors and history. Sometimes actual coats of arms are on record in ancient archives. Most of the rest are made new based on the information you provide to the coat of arms designers.


Answer by  cisco9267 (6)

A coat of arms does not belong to family name. Coats of arms were historically granted to specific individuals whose male descendants were allowed to continue to wear them. Entering the name of your ancestral owner of the coat on any genealogy website should provide incite into the design sought.


Answer by  AlanBritton (6)

The Royal College of Heraldry in London approves the design of, and records all heraldic devices. For a fee, your ancestry will be researched and you will be advised of the colors and detail of your family's unique device.


Answer by  DavidSharif (194)

There are online databases that you can look through. When you search, be sure to include different spellings of your last name and know where your family is from.

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