Question by  Sreejith (24)

Where do you learn to blend colors to get an exact shade when you're painting?

Painting like watercolors or pastels, not walls.


Answer by  SharlaBrown (221)

The best and only way to learn to blend colors is by experimentation. Buy a large amount of your medium (watercolors, pastels, etc.) so that you have a lot to experiment with. Mix the medium on a palette or on a paper plate, and paint experimental swatches of the mixed color onto scrap paper until you're satisfied with the color.


Answer by  tigervera321 (14)

You learn through continued practice and a solid understanding of how each pigment reacts to another. This knowledge comes from years of schooling and some self-taught methods.


Answer by  luv2craft (140)

You should be able to find a color-mixing chart or wheel anywhere that a variety of paints are sold. Many starter-kits for paints also come with mixing instructions.


Answer by  artgirl (367)

Blending colors comes from practice! The concept you are looking for is called "color theory" and there are several valuable concepts that need to be mastered before you'll get good at it. Muensel's theory is one of the best as it will help you understand the differences between tints, tones and shades.

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