Question by  katebug09 (2)

What are some advantages of using vector artwork?


Answer by  ToastyX (19)

The main advantage of using vector artwork is the ability to scale the artwork to any size without loss of quality. Vector artwork uses lines and shapes to define the image, which also makes the image easier to edit and can lead to a smaller file size.


Answer by  Alex18 (63)

Vector artwork can be re-sized to any size without losing quality. This makes it extremely useful for using vector artwork when the imagery needs to be enlarged significantly, such as on billboards, used for logos, etc. In addition, individual elements can be easily manipulated using the appropriate software applications, such as Adobe Illustrator.


Answer by  Wackoj123 (5)

The main advantage of vector graphics or artwork, is the scalability of the graphics. Another advantage is file size, which is based on complexity rather than size or color depth.


Answer by  ady (94)

The main advantage o using vector artwork is that whenever you need to zoom in or zoom out your finished artwork it will remain with the same proprieties and at the same professional level. Or if you want to make your design it will be made with a high accuracy, neat and nice.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

The biggest attraction aside from the different looking appearance is that vector art is extremely easy to scale. It be shrunk or expand with out any loss in resolution. Something that is impossible to do with a traditional raster image. This means a design can be create and then custom fitted to numerous different projects.

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