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Question by  DecalDude (36)

How do you make gel nails lift less?

I love the look of gel nails but have a hard time with them lifting.


Answer by  maria8245 (167)

Your gel nails may be lifting because your nail technician did not prepare your nailbed properly or your nailbed is naturally oily. Either way, you may be better off removing the gels nails and have your nail technician apply OPI BondEx or OPI BondAid to remove any oils or residue and then apply the gel nails.


Answer by  babylove (655)

The best you can do is to be careful what you are doing, like banging your nails on things, typing, or texting. Over the two week time period your supposed to get them re-filled, they can become less strong. Then again you can apply nail glue if it lifts up before your next appointment.


Answer by  pennieparisi (148)

If this is where you use the gel to create your own nail remember that you must use the product as specified in the directions. A gel nail will lift only if you do not follow the directions correctly.


Answer by  nairjula (559)

Lifting of gel nails is caused by improper application of gel. After applying the base, apply the gel and dry under an ultra-violet lamp. Repeat the same procedure twice more, each time drying under UV lamp. Later, apply the gel uniformly as the final coat. Use light brushes during application to avoid hair from brush falling on to your nail.

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