Question by  Vince68 (21)

How do you decide how to crop a picture?


Answer by  cameraguy (97)

In general, crop to get rid of background that is distracting. The rule I was taught was if it doesn't add to your picture, it's taking away from it. If you know the rule of thirds as well, crop it so your subject is at one of the four points.


Answer by  Jonah14 (640)

First you need to take into consideration the fact that cropping a picture is an irreversbile process, as long as you don't keep a copy. You should keep in the picture the focus of it - what is needed for where you upload the picture or crop out blurry or unimportant parts.


Answer by  alexdamian (192)

There are some many aspects in cropping a picture. A good picture should have roughly the same amount of sky and earth in it, the people inside of it should be centered and should not be cropped (a typical error is when they have no feet) and it should be straight. Use these guidelines when you crop a picture.


Answer by  JRC (38)

I crop my photos when the central object is off center, when unintended objects invade the photo on the fringes, or the central object is too distant.


Answer by  Nikonfan (88)

Visually divide the picture into three horizontal and vertical parts. Place the most important part of the image at or near one of the points where the imaginary lines intersect.


Answer by  Kristina34 (14)

When cropping a picture, many things have to be considered. If there's anything in the background that seems distracting, you may want to crop it out. Or, if you wish to call attention to someone, you mayh do a close crop around thier face.


Answer by  WelcomingNewLife (144)

You need to decide what focal point (what you want the viewer to focus on) you want to use. Make sure that area is well lit, and focus is sharp.


Answer by  Lidia (29)

Look for any thing in the photo that takes away from the picture such as an unsightly object in the background that can be easily cropped out.

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