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Question by  Milly (14)

How do I draw bat wings?

I want to draw Batman.


Answer by  Kar (111)

I would say get a picture or copy of a bat & cut out the pattern. This would give you a more detailed point of view. You can find several pictures of bats on the internet all you have to do is google the image "bat wings" & it will show you many different styles just find the one that fits.


Answer by  Ferrari28 (16)

To draw a (left) wing, you can start out with a lightly sketched triangle pointing to the right. Create small half circles on the inside of the bottom and left line of the triangle. Then connect the points created from half circles from the point facing the right.


Answer by  cabmgmnt (50)

To draw bat wings start with an upside down letter "C", add a letter "M" to the end of the "C" and draw another upside down letter "C" off the "M". Close the wings by adding the letter "V" multiple times to the open end of the "C's". This will complete your bat.


Answer by  wallaby78 (2293)

Start with an arch for the top of the wing, then draw several smaller arches dropping down each time for the bottoms.


Answer by  azkc (59)

The best thing to do is to reference a batman comic or graphic novel. Most artists will render batman differently but his cape is basically the same in all forms. You'll want to draw a broad version of a traditional bat wing, then a straight line at the bottom of the cape. This provides an even base for detail.


Answer by  leelee22 (118)

Start by drawing three horizontal lines with the two other lines slightly angled away from the middle line. Then connect the lines from on end to the other, and again one end to the other, making sure the connecting lines are slightly curved or bent.

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