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What kinds of celebrations or rituals were Aztec masks used for?

My class wants to do a project and make masks.


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Masks were usually decorated with different types of rare feathers and metals. They were used in Aztec ceremonies or celebrations. They usually represented an Aztec god or goddess. They were also used in traditional dances at the end of the 52 year time period. The priests used them in sacrifices.

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Answer by  SarahB (158)

Made of hard materials, these masks with exaggerated facial features, symbolizing death were commonly worn by priests and dancers in human sacrificial ceremonies.


Answer by  tedros (211)

Many masks were worn as ornaments rather than over the face. This is why many do not have eye holes in them. They were thought to bring spirits of gods.


Answer by  AzDoc (6)

Aztec masks typically represented a certain God. They were used ceremoniously, often as part of a religious ritual or in the event of a death. Death masks were marked by closed eyes and an open mouth. The masks were used religiously and each mask was used in worship to various Aztec Gods.


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Masks were commonly used in many types of religious and cultural ceremonies by the Aztecs and other native Mesoamerican peoples. They usually represented gods or the elements, and once the mask was worn, the wearer became that symbol or deity. Masks were also worn during human sacrifice to appease the gods.


Answer by  SuchetaMalikGambhir (234)

Aztec masks represented one or the other god as Aztec's had many gods. These masks were usually worn during religious ceremonies as part of a ritual or in death as a death mask. They were also worn during court functions bringing together political and religious significance.

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