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Question by  pickyouoff24 (28)

What are some unique pottery animal figurines?

I am staring my own pottery business and would like suggestions to popular animal figurines.


Answer by  mjb95 (18)

Some great and popular animals for pottery are ones that are beautiful and interesting. Each region of the Earth has great animals for consideration. African animals have beautiful markings, such as Zebras, Leopards, and Giraffes. Some other great animals are elephants, frogs, lions, flamingos, cranes, and koi fish.


Answer by  thelostone (1457)

The most popular animals for pottery figurines are cats and dogs however everyone does these. If you want unique animals try a tiger or elephant. Circus animals appeal to children.


Answer by  bunnygirl (779)

Any animal, even popular ones can be done uniquely. However, there are many rare animals people like that would also sell well such as the platypus, chinchilla, lemur, or seal.


Answer by  mmm (35)

People that are decorating their homes with animal figures will enjoy several styles: elephants, tigers, lions, deer, and lizards are popular African themes. Cows, bulls, frogs, and more lizards are more of a southwest/ mexican theme. Other people enjoy figures of more domesticated animals, such as dogs, cats, and birds.


Answer by  jessicabee (24)

I found that pottery from South Africa are the most unique and interesting. They have animals as giraffes and rhinoceroses. In America cats and dogs seem to be rather popular.


Answer by  britt88 (10)

Some popular pottery animals are rabbits and deer. Other unique pottery animals would include dragons and other mythical creatures like unicorns and hydras. Personally I love the dragons! Sugar-gliders and angler fish could be really neat to see too.


Answer by  maia (56)

Some unique pottery figurines you can make are the nativity,cancer suppoert figurines,nature and wildlife,Disney,fairies,christmas ornaments,music boxes,fantasy,cute bears,pewter figurines such as horses and unicorns and women accessories such as stilletos,dresses or any glam that a woman wears.


Answer by  justme21 (130)

Decorating with birds, especially owls, and fawn is very popular right now. Cats and dogs are also popular because people can buy them to remind them of their own pets. Zoo animals and forest creatures also sell very well. Focus on animals that are often people's favorites; monkeys, elephants, bears, etc.


Answer by  soccer593 (476)

Popular animal figurines should include native figurines that one would like to see in their backyard. This could include butterflies, frogs, raccoons, squirrels, turtles, or birds.


Answer by  baba24 (270)

The most unique to me are wildlife like gorillas, baboons, giraffes, the tigers, flamingso, donkeys, wolves, cougars, panthers and things of that sort. Other unique figurines are sea creatures like dolphins and whales.

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