Question by  Vanessa (387)

Why do we use colons in the English language?

What is the proper use of the colon when writing? How does it differ from, for example, a semi-colon?


Answer by  makotosan (22)

Generally, colons come before starting a list in a sentence. Semi-colons are used to string together two statements that are related but can stand independently.


Answer by  kadaway (17)

A colon signifies the start of a list or collection, a semi-colon is a break in a sentence when talking about two closely related independent clauses.


Answer by  melanie21 (33)

Colons are used to seperate ideas in writing. A semi-colon is a softer version of a colon, a little harder than a comma.


Answer by  Mackenzie79 (22)

I use colon's after complete sentence to added a series of descriptives that apply to the main sentence. A semi-colon is used to connect two sentences that could stand alone, but are so related they can be linked. I love dogs: mutts, greyhounds, and poodles. I love dogs; they are really cute and cuddly.

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