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Question by  druyhawk (58)

Why would a spleen become enlarged?


Answer by  arianne61 (13)

There are many reasons why would a spleen become enlarged. Many disorders can make a spleen enlarged such as anemia, cancer and infections. They say symptoms are always not specific and not a disease itself but some sort of underlying disorder. And sometimes symptoms can include fullness or pain in the upper left abdomen or back.


Answer by  mb (5482)

This is usually a sign of infection. The spleen is a lymphatic organ that filters the blood. A blood infection will cause a back up in the spleen enlarging it.


Answer by  masi (46)

The spleen has different functions. It works as a lymph node, as a 'filter' that removes dead red blood cells from the bloodstream, and as a reserve center that the body can use to originate new blood cells. The spleen becomes enlarged whenever any of these functions is overused, as in certain infections, states of hemolysis, or bone murrow dysfunction.


Answer by  lovelife (998)

It can be caused by numerous processes such as bacterial infection, parasitic infection, liver disease, blood cancers or anemias. It is best left to be diagnosed by a physician.

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