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Question by  E (15)

Why does my DeVille have hard steering?

A Cadillac should be better.


Answer by  Atticus (95)

The difficult steering could be the result of several issues. Possibilities include: bent McPherson struts, poor front end alignment, and a low level of power steering fluid.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

If the steering is worse than it used to be then you have an issue with your powers steering. Check the pump and make sure there is enough fluid in the reservoir.


Answer by  Ralphie1954 (420)

It could be a loose belt but more than likely it is either the fluid is too high or too low or the valve regulating the power is stuck.


Answer by  turborotary91 (256)

u may have a bad power steering pumpwhich doesnt circulate fluid or u could be low on pwersteering fluid these are comon reasons

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