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Question by  LearningBiker (38)

Why are there worm farms?

I don't know why anyone would want one.


Answer by  Mariana39 (440)

Some worm farms sell fresh bait for fishermen. Others are used as waste composting facilities, they're very eco-friendly and also easy to develop, from small farms, that handle the waste from one household, to industrial-sized ones. Farmers who grow organic vegetables also keep farms, and use worms as natural fertilizers.


Answer by  BethBirder (232)

Worm farms are kept for the wonderful composting job they do! A worm farm is a place to put your fruit and vegetable waste, where the worms eat it, and the resulting "castings" make excellent fertilizer for gardens and potted plants.


Answer by  rogera (788)

Worm farm are excellent for organic growers, they use the manure from these worms. Gardners and jhot houses also use the worms to help in keeping the earth fertilized and such. Worms are also grown for the avid fisherman for bait.Many people invest money into the worms and create large worm farms.


Answer by  pixiecat (250)

Firstly, worms are part of the fisherman's tools. Secondly they are a very cheap "cleaning device" as they will eat any waste around your house with practically no cost whatsoever.

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