Question by  brian31 (30)

What should I do for my pet rabbit that has a wound on his back?


Answer by  traumatised (3285)

If the wound is SHALLOW, you can clean it with a sterilised cotton swab and some MILD antiseptic (i.e. povidine). DO not use anything with lidocaine because this can cause heart failure in bunnies. If the wound is DEEP or you are not sure, go to a vet ASAP.


Answer by  rajascl (34)

First thing you must do is to sepeate the wounded rabbit from others and clean the affected areawith cotton and put turmeric powder into the wound and pack it up for three days.Then the wound will disaappeared slowly.


Answer by  aearthdragon (471)

First, shave the necessary fur need. Secondly, clean the wound. Avoid hydroden peroxide as it can kill healthy tissue in the wound. Make sure to get out all discoloration possible and puss. If you are unable to get the dirt, ect. please go to your vet. It could become infected.


Answer by  NutBucket (140)

You should take your rabbit to a vet that specializes in rabbit care or call your local rabbit society (Yes, they exist). Be advised, rabbits spontaneously die so do not delay.


Answer by  bethRox1998 (0)

please help, my rabbi also has a deep wound, but i'm 14, cant drive, dont have money (cant get to vet) there's a little bit of puss, i've been using betadine (puss came after that)... What else can i do? not infected yet (not red/ swollen, but deep). skin ripped.

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