Question by  Kjj (31)

What is the main cause of canine seizures?

My dog has seizures.


Answer by  lmm30 (294)

Cause of seizures can be many. It could be stress related, heat related, or could be tumors on the brain.You will need to see your vet and have blood work done and possible xrays to find out for sure what may be causing them. Seizures can be managed very well with meds.


Answer by  JaenieF (153)

Dogs, just like humans, can suffer from epilepsy. But take your dog to the vet immediately as this could be a sign of other serious conditions. Certain poisons can cause seizures, and without expert guidance there's no telling what's causing your dog's condition. Foaming at the mouth or progressively worse seizures in succession warrants a trip to the emergency room.


Answer by  katrescuer (431)

Dogs and cats get a lot of the same diseases that people do, it is quite possible your dog has epilepsy, you need to take your dog to a vet.


Answer by  dcbuis85 (267)

Epilepsy causes the majority of seizures in canines, a neurological disorder which sends signals from a damaged area of the brain to the body causing loss of control. There are also several other reasons, basically anything that disrupts signals from the brain.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

The main cause of seizures is missing neurotransmitters from the brain. Unfortunately, you can't really avoid the seizures so stay put.


Answer by  raven (241)

Basically what would cause a canine seizures is the incorrect firing of nerves making the muscles jerk out of the dog's control. The seizure itself is a symptom of some other underlying problem.

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