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Question by  niku (28)

What bedding should I use for rabbits?


Answer by  Laeticia (45)

You could use wood shavings, which you can buy at any petstore. Underneath the wood shavings, I recommend putting a layer of newspaper, to make cleanup easier. Another option is to use shredded newspaper, which would be cheaper if you already have newspaper.


Answer by  Ann66 (161)

An old bath towel makes good bedding for rabbits. You want something soft for your rabbits to bed down on, and they like their bedding to be in an enclosed space. So, you could use a box in the corner of your rabbit's cage, and fill it with and old towel or blanket.


Answer by  eyeguy (3760)

any pet store will sell prepackaged rabbit bedding. It is much safer than attempting to fill the cage with cedar shavings or wood chips


Answer by  HMG (139)

For rabbits, you can use hay for a bedding for them. With this they can nest, and it is very absorbent and effective for bedding. Also, dried leaves can also be used for bedding if availible.


Answer by  snceflyf (448)

I have used several different bedding options for my rabbit. Grasses and corn cob pellets have worked well, but my favorite is cat litter. You can actually train a rabbit to use a litter box and the arm & hammer litter works very well to hide any odors.


Answer by  slarp (52)

Rabbit bedding can come in many different types, with the most common types including hay, rabbit pellets, or even soft clothing.


Answer by  str8upcutie83 (471)

Bedding can be anything fairly soft and unscented. All pet stores sell bedding, but it is very important that it does not have a strong smell, that causes respiratory problems.

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