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Question by  Lili (37)

How should I take care of a red ear slider turtle and baby turtles?

I just adopted a turtle and babies.


Answer by  shannab (117)

You must make sure you have all of the right equipment (lights, aquarium, food, etc. ) needed. Without a light(these can be purchased at a pet store), they won't live long. You have to feed them daily. You also need to make sure you clean their aquariums when needed.


Answer by  Teresa18 (304)

You will need at a 20 gallon fish tank with an area set up for basking. They must have a UVA/UVB light. Turtles need to eat a varied diet.


Answer by  answersonpets1223 (70)

Your tank requires proper lighting and a place (like a rock) for basking. The tank should be filtered since turtles tend to get messy. You also need to fill the tank with water and aquatic plants.


Answer by  salamander (408)

That is a far too general question to answer properly here, however they are not easy to care for and very specific.. i have 3.. the biggest mistakes that people tend to make are not enough/too much water.. the temp of the water.. over feeding (they are beggars do NOT over feed them).


Answer by  Sararu (27)

Make sure they have a lot of artificial/natural sunlight to keep the turtles from getting shell rot. Also, make sure you have a declorinator for the water(they come in a container and are used as drops. ) Chlorinated/tap water will harm the turtles. It is also nice to have a log for them to play on.

Reply by Caitlinn125 (4):
How will tap water hurt them? why would u use bottled water or salt water to keep a pet turtle ina tank? how does that make scence?  add a comment
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