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There are no girls where I live - what do I do?

posted by  santo76259(26)

What should I give my boyfriend for a birthday present?

posted by  stevek(30)

What are some dating differences between cultures?

posted by  bill29(16)

Where are some places to go on dates?

posted by  alil1b81005(29)

What is the ideal boyfriend?

posted by  cejota(5)

What should I do if my girlfriend won't answer my calls?

posted by  kctaxlady(187)

Is the one year dating anniversary important?

posted by  Louise(94)

How can I snoop on my boyfriend?

Is it ok for a 20-year-old girl to be dating a 55-year-old man?

posted by  Syl(64)

Help!!! It's my first date with a girl - what do I do?

posted by  bibiuser(85)

What is your opinion of 13 and 14 year old dating?

posted by  Cassandra(26)

What should I say to a hot girl I'm dating?

posted by  lamasgrande(15)

How do I find somebody to love me?

posted by  CleothaTucker(120)

Why do girls date abusive men?

posted by  Cali2307(1337)

How do I know if I am in love with my girlfriend?

posted by  ashley17(48)

What are good questions to ask when getting to know someone?

posted by  Kittae(60)

What are some questions to ask on a blind date?

posted by  Christian(35)

What are some date ideas for Washington, DC?

posted by  pookie123(23)

What are some considerations for dating a cross dresser?

posted by  gfr(97)

Does he want to date me?

posted by  Roland27(16334)

What can I do if my depressive boyfriend dumped me?

posted by  melaniehopson(45)

What are some tips for dating men?

posted by  electricguy(62)

Why did she dump me?

posted by  mamapolarbare(29)

How do you get rid of an abusive boyfriend?

posted by  drA(22)

How do I know if she has a crush on me?

posted by  Lucy(40)

How should I go about asking a girl out for coffee?

posted by  ZachStein(20)

How do you approach a lady?

posted by  joeld(22)

How do you trust your boyfriend?

posted by  MTurk87(39)

How do you get out of a missionary dating relationship?

posted by  Mickey(26)

How do you tell a girl you're sorry for cheating?

posted by  DavidC(12)

Why do teenage boys break up with their girlfriends?

posted by  sean(141)

Why does his ex-wife still control my boyfriend's life?

posted by  Girl(26)

Why doesn't he call as much as he did when we first met?

posted by  haikit(17)

What are some dating tips for girls?

posted by  Lady29(20)

How do you heal damage done by lying in a relationship?

posted by  Clang2X45(11)

What should you do if guys are flirting with your girlfriend?

posted by  Missa(24)

What are some good questions to ask on a first date?

posted by  Jerry(27)

Should I give up on dating if I've been rejected?

posted by  Page(25)

Why is he still on dating sites?

posted by  karthick51(5)

When I stopped calling him, why did he start calling me?

posted by  fig(71)

What should I know about asking a guy out?

posted by  moteviolence(30)

How can I describe my love for my girlfriend?

posted by  worker7638(12)

How and where are the best places to meet eligible men?

posted by  Lilly28(20)

How can I get my girlfriend back?

posted by  Travis52(24)

Should I date a man who still talks to his ex wife?

posted by  cdeboard(15)

What are some fun cheap date ideas?

posted by  KalKally(55)

What should I do if my boyfriend is depressed.

posted by  Amanda94(40)

What are some tips for a single parent starting to date?

posted by  CLynique(130)

What is a good question to ask a guy on a first date?

posted by  kittytre1(69)

What would girls call a "dream guy"?

posted by  mandeegee74(21)

How do you support your girlfriend?

posted by  tia(20)

How do you know if a guy is married or dating someone?

posted by  Sanjaykumar(30)

At what age does a boy know he's gay?

posted by  dearabba(8)

What are some dating tips for a shy guy?

posted by  cmaopep(239)

Why do I always attract married women?

posted by  sue65(16)

How do you know if *he* knows that you like him?

posted by  DavidC(12)

How do you get a guy to ask you out?

posted by  MechanicalTurk58(10)

What are some good pick up lines for males?

posted by  meriba(103)

What is the definition of dating in God's eyes?

posted by  klmake1(21)

Can retired and working dating relationships work?

posted by  adgordon3(30)

Why won't my boyfriend come to visit me at college?

posted by  allymcbeal(29)

Do people really look for a sugardaddy dating service?

posted by  EchoWood(16)

What are some red flags when you're dating?

posted by  newpatriot(27)

What are some pick up lines that work?

posted by  cathoderaytube(109)

Does my girlfriend like my friend?

posted by  bernard54(17)

What is some advice for a male who wants to start dating?

posted by  sandy17(10)

Why do I keep dating emotionally detached men?

posted by  Michelle52(61)

Does computer dating ever work?

posted by  Jingris21(65)

What are some good hit lines for asking a girl out?

posted by  wwk2009(22)

What is the best place to meet single men?

posted by  RandallGollihue(23)

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