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Question by  Briar (26)

What are some good ideas if I want to do something special for my girlfriend?


Answer by  Britt (453)

Take her out to her favorite place to eat, it doesn't have to be fancy. Pick her some wildflowers, or find out her favorite flower and give her a bouquet of those. Let her know how much she means to you, either say it, or write her a letter. Call her for no reason, just to say hi.


Answer by  daryatarawneh (56)

go to her house, fill the house with flowers, make a path with white scented candles that leads to the bed, fix the bed and write i love you with rose petals, let her take her clothes off and give her a good massage :)


Answer by  PhillyFan (86)

Most women appreciate a man who will go beyond his comfort range to do something that she will enjoy - if you're shy and she likes to sing, she may appreciate you trying karaoke. Try doing something new, like a wine or beer tasting.


Answer by  baba24 (270)

The very best thing you can do for a needy girlfriend is make everyday special. A walk in the park, simple things like fishing on the Chattahoochee River, or walking the Applachian trail. A nice dinner that you prepared yourself could never be a bad idea either. Romantic movies, candlelight, and a massage are all great mood setters.


Answer by  Sanjeevan (62)

Dear Client, You can take your friend to her favorite place unknowningly and also you can always wear dresses which is your girl friends favorite colour, and you can give a surprize gift to her.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

1. Buy chocolate roses to give to her. 2. Instead of flowers, buy a Glade scented plug in scented dispenser, to make her home smell nice but without flowers that will die.


Answer by  hrpoorna (155)

Do the thing which she wants to do or get done for a long time if you did with surprise it's really something very very special for her.

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