Question by  Louise (94)

Is the one year dating anniversary important?

My girlfriend and I have only been dating a year, it's not like we are married, so I don't know how big of a deal the anniversary is. I don't want to spend too much money if it's not important, but I don't want her to get upset either.


Answer by  AmandaLynn1288 (104)

It depends on the girl, but I think that most women will think it is a big deal. It can never hurt to do something special.


Answer by  Az (343)

Yes, to most women, this is a big deal. Buy her some flowers and a card (write a heartfelt message) and take her to dinner. In other words, romance her!


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

It is a milestone for all couples. This is not as large as an engagement party. A fancy dinner or elegant meal along with a movie or show is acceptable. More importantly, give something, whether a card or small jewelry, to show that you are celebrating that date.


Answer by  weeonelb (358)

For most people, a one year anniversary is at least the one people celebrate. One year is a really long time to most people, and girls are more likely to care about anniversaries. However, if you don't know how much to spend on her, you should just talk to each other and set a maximum spending limit.


Answer by  Anonymous

It might be a huge deal! You guys spent an year on each other. Ask her how she would like to celebrate. Even if you don't have ideas, at least you remembered and hold it as important. Congrats!


Answer by  Cali2307 (1337)

It really depends on your relationship and the standard that you set. One year of dating is usually a fairly big deal - but not as big of a deal as one year of marriage. It is a good idea to discuss the anniversary ahead of time so that you are on the same page and there are not hurt feelings!


Answer by  Anonymous

today was my one year anniversary and i lied and said i had to leave because he didnt even remember....or if he did he didn't give a yeah i'd do something, even if its little, just to let her know


Answer by  Anonymous

Today was my one year anniversary. I went to bed in tears.

posted by Anonymous
Today was my 1 year anniversary with my boyfriend and I want to break up because he doesn't care and wants to golf and drink with his friends instead  add a comment

Answer by  Anonymous

My boyfriend keeps putting our 1 yr off for slo pitch tourneys and ball games....shouldn't feel bad if he forgets, he's just a man and they are clueless!


Answer by  Anonymous

Today is my one year. He posted crap on Facebook all damn day but couldnt even text me to say hi. When I reminded him what day it was he said he had to go help a friend. Guys r pigs. Ladies we need to start looking for real men

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