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Question by  ZachStein (20)

How should I go about asking a girl out for coffee?


Answer by  TLynn (34)

You should try talking to her first. Having coffee in the afternoon is much different than getting coffee in the evening. Just ask her, "Would you be interested in getting a cup of coffee with me? " And always specify a date. If you say "sometime" then she will say yes and possibly avoid the date later.


Answer by  meriba (103)

Say this: "I'm going to grab a cup, would you like to join me? " If she is interested, she will say yes, or set up a better time.


Answer by  bex (116)

Decide where and when you want to go for coffee (but be flexible about time), then simply ask her if she'd like to go. Be confident!


Answer by  fddd (12)

First you need to start the conversation. Do this in person, and be very casual. Talk about something that is clearly of interest to her. Then just suggest coffee, confidently.


Answer by  Jaclyn (42)

Go up to the girls you are thinking of and say "Would you like to go get coffee somtime with me? " Just ask, the worst thing she can say is no.

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