Question by  Jingris21 (65)

Does computer dating ever work?

I'm talking about long term.


Answer by  Zoe (2369)

It has about as good a chance of working as any kind of dating. Computer dating just increases the number of potential matches you're exposed to. You might hate all of them, or you might like one of them, but it can't hurt to broaden your possibilities.


Answer by  Jen99 (416)

There have been successful relationships that started off as internet dating. However I think the reality of it all is that internet dating is not safe. You are better off going out to meet people.


Answer by  carol (1241)

It is possible to work if you are careful in the beginning. Take your time to get to know the person slowly and stay safe.


Answer by  diva25 (4016)

It sure does. Many people marry people that they met online. It is actually very common in today's society. Each day it seems there are more websites that help with dating. You can go shopping for a man or woman. This is the modern answer to personal ads. If personal ads work you can assume that internet dating will, too.

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