Question by  tia (20)

How do you support your girlfriend?

My girlfriend is always telling me I do not support her but I am not sure what she wants me to do.


Answer by  Anthony53 (106)

A good way of showing support is telling her that she's capable of doing what it is she's trying to do. Agree with her more often on subjects she might feel somewhat strong about an try to keep the negative feedback to a minimum.


Answer by  holdengal (693)

She wants you to not only agree with her about a goal she wants to reach, but help her to reach it. For example, if she said she wants to go to college, you have to be active in helping her pick out her classes, etc. Maybe surprise her with buying her school supplies for example.


Answer by  James10 (29)

I support my girlfriend and her career by reversing the roles. I am the stay at home parent, and she is the money earner. When she feels stressed, i try to make the home life as comfortable as possible for her when she comes home each night.


Answer by  conjcm (122)

When you have conversations, always act interested in what she is saying and ask follow up questions. If she is complaining about something (or someone), agree with her.

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