Question by  BarbaraG (27)

How do you overcome cultural differences in a relationship?

I am dating someone of Asian dissent and I am American.


Answer by  Doomstoned (1454)

Rather than focus on your differences, a good place to start would be to first consider those things that you have in common, particularly with respect to culture.


Answer by  RN2be (138)

Get to know their culture, the practices they normally do (for instance holidays), and always show a bit of respect for their family as family is huge in Asian culture. A good idea may be to pick up some of their habits, whether it be using chopsticks, or asking to go to a restaurant with food they enjoy. Good luck!


Answer by  BigBoy66 (7)

You need to be open to other types of people. In order to do this you should try to broaden your horizons by meeting other people of the same race as your partner and try to understand them. It is also important to do a little research on their customs and traditions.


Answer by  John (9008)

Both people have to be open and willing to discuss any cultural issues that may arise. This includes having both respect for each other and a sense of humor about things, as well as a willingness to compromise.

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