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What software is "friendly" for manual-writing?

posted by  wilsonace(129)

How do you write a hardship letter for your mortgage?

posted by  JoshuaPugh(13)

What is some good mother's day poetry?

posted by  tkoelzer(59)

What are unique ways to start a speech?

posted by  ajherrma(25)

What are some other ways to say "end of an era"?

posted by  123abcc(1)

What is the process of outlining a novel?

posted by  Majique(26)

Who writes haiku poems? Where can I find examples?

posted by  bf123(10)

What's the appropriate format for a letter of recommendation?

posted by  ami(20)

What kind of pen do you use on a whiteboard?

posted by  Turks(319)

How do you write an abstract in the APA style?

posted by  Dilyana(13)

How do you write a script for a movie?

posted by  Rose(6804)

How do you write a vision statement?

posted by  chelsit(52)

What do you include on a biodata form?

posted by  umaveni(64)

What does The Bedford Guide tell you?

posted by  Tracey62(316)

What are the most common literary symbols?

posted by  etweedie(107)

What are some good holiday poems?

posted by  roberta(45)

What is a good rate for article rewriting?

posted by  zxd110(18)

What is the difference between may and might?

posted by  hefito(226)

What are the most common typos?

posted by  tinman47(30)

What is the shortest complete sentence?

posted by  Atphoto(24)

What is the "ides of march?"

posted by  NatashaPolak(26)

What are some good ideas for a sidebar in a yearbook?

posted by  chelseaaa(1)

Can you give me a sample of a mission statement?

posted by  Stevce(41)

Can you help me write a baby announcement for the paper?

posted by  yongge(17)

How do you word a greeting letter?

posted by  Betsyboo5(48)

What are some good pen names?

posted by  sneh(42)

How can I find out what a particular Hebrew symbol is?

posted by  JustinH(51)

How to learn to write my name in cursive?

posted by  david84(37)

What are nonsense poems?

posted by  strchild65(74)

How many colors do highlighters come in?

posted by  keg88(31)

What are some words I can use instead of "said?"

posted by  pranesha(8)

Where does children's author Susan Korman live?

posted by  Lupe(23)

What is a sestina?

posted by  calmond(9)

What are some inequality word problems?

posted by  jmo81rn(36)

Do they still make typewriter erasers?

posted by  DorD(11)

Which spelling is correct: grey or gray?

posted by  Rlld(33)

What is a 2b pencil used for?

posted by  toothpick51(24)

In Shakespeare, who is Iachimo?

posted by  KimP(22)

How do you cite quotations in APA style?

posted by  Brian5019(40)

What are some poetic devices?

posted by  Xombicide(99)

What is a rhyming couplet?

posted by  Jmow(44)

How do you write introductions to essays?

posted by  RosieLeee(55)

What is the proper abbreviation for "management?"

posted by  dancingdigits(20)

What is the definition of the term "chillin'?"

posted by  Jenny83(8)

What is the correct punctuation of the possessive form?

posted by  Ted56(27)

Is there a secret to unscrambling words?

posted by  jsmith96(9)

What are some good verses for cards?

posted by  worker9181(47)

What is assonance?

posted by  EdmundSavant(12)

Who wrote Pedagogy of the Oppressed?

posted by  marcia(228)

How do you write minutes the correct way in a document?

posted by  sadasada(146)

What is an example of the word tenacious in a sentence?

posted by  mamaz03(2)

What is a synonym for "dying"?

posted by  raghda(1)

What is a good congratulatory word for an Eagle Scout?

posted by  deth(15)

What is a good source of Holy Ghost Pentecostal sermons?

posted by  Karthon(403)

What is a cool way to spell "dreamland?"

posted by  zay123(1)

What is the difference between a table and a chart?

posted by  manny(185)

How to write an appeals letter for college?

posted by  justme38(25)

Why do the people at Snippets change questions?

posted by  mrperc(5)

How do you write a school crush love letter?

posted by  catmando(11)

How many forms of poetry are there?

posted by  MsRefusenik(3)

What is the greatest love poem of all time?

posted by  Mownstah(107)

How many forms of writing exist?

posted by  jeff98(34)

What is the definition of expository writing?

posted by  spinner7575(26)

How should I start my research paper on cosmetology?

posted by  toogie(2)

When is it appropriate to use the word "thus."

posted by  niku(28)

Should I write a book or a screenplay?

posted by  Mike39(320)

Why is a sentence punctuated?

posted by  BobbyBillBob(-2)

What are the different homonym spelling errors?

posted by  apple(447)

What is the format of a legal brief?

posted by  worker2827(8)

What should I say in a sweet 1 year anniversary message?

posted by  yntern(58)

Who wrote the Constitution?

posted by  nayna(28)

What is the quote about the world being your oyster?

posted by  Gilda(113)

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