Question by  bf123 (10)

Who writes haiku poems? Where can I find examples?

I have to write two for school.


Answer by  Anna8413 (67)

Haiku poems are from Japan, they are an originally Japanese form of poetry, they are short poems. You can find translations of the poems of famous Japanese haiku writers like Kobayashi Issa or Masaoka Shiki.


Answer by  rhelms10 (310)

Haiku poems were made popular by the Japanese. Many different people write them now, and if you do a search online, you should be able to find several examples.


Answer by  haikutec (1)

One of the best online haiku magazines can be found at Notes from the Gean. Just add www and dot com Also try Haiku Society of America or British Haiku Society, or a haiku society for your country.

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