Question by  yongge (17)

Can you help me write a baby announcement for the paper?


Answer by  pseudopsychologist (257)

Example: On July 4, 2010, proud parents Bethilda and Bobby Jackson, proudly welcomed their beautiful baby girl Victoria. Born 8.2lbs, Victoria is said to look like her mother.


Answer by  mightyspidey (1080)

(Name of Mother/Father) are pleased to welcome (name of baby) into the world. (Name of baby) was born on (date of birth) at (name of hospital). He/She is ____ pounds, ____ ounces, and ____ inches long. Mother and baby are both happy and healthy.


Answer by  kipcat (1964)

Include the baby's name, date of birth, weight, inches, the parents names, name of the grandparents of both sides, and any brothers and sisters of the baby.

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