Question by  catmando (11)

How do you write a school crush love letter?

I need to write a love letter to my school crush.


Answer by  ecwthe2nd (54)

Remember that a love letter is an elicitation of affection. It may be difficult, but attempt to keep your letter an accurate and realistic communication of what you feel. Using extremes like 'forever' and 'more than anything' may feel right and easy, but stating what you are feeling accurately can be more effective.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

I'm assuming that you're still in school. Write the letter saying how you feel about this person. Sign it with your name or as anonymous and then slip it into your crushes locker, give it to the crush yourself or have someone else give your crush the letter for you.


Answer by  Anonymous

Write about u feel about that person

You have 50 words left!