Question by  Stevce (41)

Can you give me a sample of a mission statement?

I have to create one for a school project.


Answer by  Erynn (1651)

"I am setting out to answer as many questions as possible, as accurately as possible". That's my current mission statement - just include a purpose, simply, and accurately.


Answer by  turkishtowel (455)

The mission of my company is to provide our customers with highly articulate messaging to ensure that their audience understands the benefits they provide.


Answer by  claudia (249)

The mission statement of the school my girls attend is this: "The mission of the--the name of the school--is to provide a safe, respectful, and caring environment so all learners will have an equal opportunity to achieve lifelong success. " A good mission statement should contain words that create a good moral and give the school a good name.

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